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Jose's Story

As a passionate person for individual tree care practices and personal development, I am delighted to live and work locally in this great cosmopolitan Washington DC area. The magnificent variety of species and size of trees in the area, make our daily jobs different every day.  In our team, we all combine our passion with tree care practices and personal enhancement supporting each other to learn something new every day. I am proud of making a dream come true by providing an opportunity for my team members to grow their families and enjoy what they do their while they build their life careers in the tree care industry.

Growing outside of the country and having the opportunity to come to the US with a plant pathology degree 23 years ago to make a life career by climbing trees to take care of them, support families by providing employment and life career plus, support this country's economy has been a great gift that I would repeat it again if it would need it. We do our very best every day on every tree to deliver the highest level of care possible.

Thank you for trusting the care of your trees to us!

Jose, founder of Chapingo Tree Care Specialists. Proudly serving the Washington DC metro area.

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