Cabling & Bracing Tips from Chapingo Tree Care

Cabling & Bracing: Reinforcing Tree Strength

When properly installed, Cabling and Bracing Systems cause minimal invasion to the tree and help prevent removal and minimize risk.

On some occasions, additional tree support systems help preserve the integrity of the main structure or part of a tree. Cabling and Bracing Systems are commonly used to help support the main structure or part of a tree. Cabling and Bracing Systems are helpful when a tree has weak connections or deep cracks.

These systems require minimal maintenance and regular, periodic inspections to confirm the tension and integrity of the system. These systems employ hardware such as metal rods, nuts, washers, eyebolts, cables, and synthetic materials. They serve to reinforce the tree's structural integrity, especially in adverse weather conditions. However, it's important to note that such supports do not guarantee against failure, and periodic inspections are essential to ensure they continue to provide effective support.

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