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Tree Planting: Start Right for Lifetime Success

Proper tree planting makes a huge difference! It provides a healthy start and will help the tree mature to its full size and potential, ensuring it will provide environmental, economic, and social benefits throughout its lifetime. One of Chapingo Tree Care's Arborists can recommend proper timing and techniques to plant trees. They can also the most recommended species that are appropriate for a specific location.

When to Plant Trees?

The dormant season in the Fall after the tree leaf drop and early Spring before tree bud break, are ideal times to plant new trees in the urban environment. Preferably if the weather conditions are cool and allow time for new plants to establish new roots at the new location before the top growth gets stimulated with the increase of moisture and heat of the weather.

Healthy trees can planted during and through the growing season to plant a new tree as long as sufficient water is available.

An important tree maintenance procedure is to maintain an adequate, but not excessive, supply of water to the root zone.

Water trees as needed, especially during the dry summer months, long and slow to the root zone is a preferred method of watering.

Avoid frequent, shallow watering or overwatering. Poor soil drainage must be corrected or trees will decline rapidly.

Chapingo Tree Care Specialists. Proudly serving the Washington DC metro area for your tree planting needs.


Application of a 2 to 4-inch layer of organic mulch such as wood chips, shredded bark, or pine needles over a tree’s root system for growth enhancement. The mulch helps improve soil conditions, moderates soil temperatures, keeps moisture, and reduces competition from weeds and grasses. The mulch should extend as far out from the tree as practical for the landscape site.

Tree Preservation & Root Pruning

On construction sites, it is important to consult a professional arborist before starting work. Our arborists' knowledge of tree roots can help more trees to survive root zone disturbance conditions like during construction work and development projects, digging trees from their growing place, and re-grading soil level of the root zone.

Depending on the site, the tree species, and the type of work, our arborist may recommend a Tree Preservation Fence. These fences help protect and preserve existing trees on-site during work.

Chapingo Tree Care Specialists. Proudly serving the Washington DC metro area for your Tree Preservation and Root Pruning needs.
Root Pruning Before and After
Chapingo Tree Care Specialists. Proudly serving the Washington DC metro area for your Tree Preservation and Root Pruning needs.
Example of a Tree Preservation Fence and Root Pruning

We perform careful excavation work using high-pressure air with a device called an AIR SPADE.  This process uncovers tree roots using air, without damage.


Once the roots are exposed, our arborist can evaluate the tree’s root system. This is important prior to construction to see if the construction project could be modified to preserve the integrity of the tree root system.

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